Besides marine services, SBSS also offers bespoke maritime technical training to their international client base. On 8th March 2004, SBSS opened their Cable Engeer & Jointing Training in their Wujing Depot in Shanghai.

The school is an international submarine cable technology training school jointly invested in by SBSS and Global Marine Systems Limited (GMSL), a founding member of the Universal Jointing Consortium. The school is able to provide a full range of training in jointing technology including Universal Joint (UJ); Universal Quick Joint (UQJ) and Universal Coupling (UC).

Training courses keep pace with those offered at the GMSL facility at Boreham, UK in all aspects with GMSL both providing and training the qualified instructors, ensuring the internationally recognized quality requirements for UJ, UQJ and UC training are met. The school is able to provide jointing training courses for up to eight jointers, theory courses for six persons, and meals for sixteen persons concurrently. Accommodation and interpreters can be arranged during the courses for trainees on request.

The facilities are also available for third party usage on a daily hire basis and can provide an excellent venue for both training and office facilities.

UJC: http://www.ujconsortium.com